A Meeting should present an organization’s pathway to the future.

Meetings are not about gathering a few speakers and networking over a carbohydrate-heavy food spread. A Meeting should build a community and use social strategies to lead that community to reach the organization’s goals. Delegates today obtain, consume and absorb information differently and the planning of the conference should reflect that. The content needs to be engaging, inspiring and memorable.

MESH has experience in planning anything from the most complex corporate meetings to exhibitions and parliamentary assemblies. We will help you create budgets, find the venue, plan and market the meeting, negotiate contracts, and ensure an ideal experience, from registration and security to transportation and onsite staffing.

MESH has expertise in International Congress planning, an arena where issues often surface with contract negotiations, venue rules and regulations, currency exchanges, protocol, metric differences, government restrictions and much more. MESH can help you navigate your International meeting challenges and prevent you from getting “Lost in Translation.”